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Smart meters are a great way to save money on your energy bills - in fact, the government will be rolling them out to every business by 2020.

The Smart Meter is very easy to read and understand, allowing you to stay on top of how much energy your business is using and reduce your bills. Some suppliers will ask you to pay for these smart meters and every company is expected to own one by 2020. 

At We Save we can help you to start making energy savings sooner by installing your smart meter now.

What is a smart meter?

Smart meters are a new kind of energy meter which automatically sends its readings to your provider. Therefore, you no longer need to inform your energy provider of your meter readings, and no longer have energy companies turning up at your business at inconvenient times. Smart meters also have a clear display so you can see your energy usage in real-time.

A smart meter replaces your current gas and electricity meters. The main benefit of using a smart meter is you will see exactly how much energy you are using and how much your spend is. The smart meter helps the energy companies charge you the right amount each time you are billed. This prevents your business from being overcharged or under charged, therefore you or the supplier having to claw back  outstanding money.

How can a smart meter save me money?

The main way smart meters can help you save is by ensuring your bills are accurate. Even with regular meter readings, businesses across the country have long overpaid for their energy, which is often estimated based on readings from a certain time of the year or based on average household usage. With a smart meter you can be sure you are only paying for the energy you use.

The smart meter's real-time display can also make you more aware of your gas and electricity usage, helping you to understand what is hiking up your bill. By pinpointing the specific cost of for example, central heating or leaving  lights on, you can  reduce your usage and cut  bills.

We Save we can help you  choose a smart meter provider and install your new meter so you can start saving straight away. Contact us today to find out more or get started.