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​Energy costs are a substantial part of running a home or business, often costing thousands of pounds per year. At We Save we can help you to save thousands on your energy bills, from gas to electricity. There are many ways we can help you save, including:

Saving can be as simple as switching providers. Find out why you should consider switching and how We Save can help.

Gas meter installation
Installing a gas meter can help ensure you're only paying for the gas you use. Click here to find out more.

Electricity meter installation
As well as a gas meter, your business can benefit from monitoring its electricity use through a meter. Read more here.

Half-hourly meters
Half-hourly metering can not only save you money, but it is also a legal requirement for businesses using a certain amount of energy. See how you could save.

Smart meters
At We Save we often recommend smart meters to help businesses save. Learn more about how to implement a smart meter here.

Claim back VAT
Your business may be eligible to claim back VAT on some energy costs, often resulting in a large saving. Read more about claiming back VAT here.

Green Deal
The government's Green Deal scheme can help both homeowners and businesses to save money when implementing energy-efficient measures. Read more about the Green Deal.