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At We Save, We are always coming up with new ways to keep your hard earned money in your pockets and even reclaiming some that has been wrongly taken from your organisation. 

For example, Business VAT is charged at a standard 20% unless there is any reason for this to be reduced. It is only reduced if the correct paperwork is filed. 

We have helped reclaim THOUSANDS of pounds for customers in Over charged VAT.
For example:
A pub/ Restaurant has a flat that is lived in by a resident or even the business owner is capable of reclaiming a percentages of the VAT back as part of that energy was used for domestic purposes.
A charity that is being charged 20% VAT is able to reclaim 15% of the 20% paid.

If you would like to start reclaiming VAT Please us on 0208 864 4065 for one of our experts to see how much you could claim back.