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This is one of the most important aspects of merchant services. There are 5 different types of terminals available for you to choose from. 
Each have there own advantages and disadvantages. Below you will see information on each terminal and the examples of businesses that each type will be required for.

Countertop/Corded terminals

These terminals are perfect for your shops, takeaways and beauty salons, however if you are a business that has customers sitting down in areas away from the till such as restaurants or pubs these are not advisable as they do not offer the best customer experience.


These terminals are the most popular because they are very convenient and user friendly. They sit on a dock until you need to carry them to the customer usually either at a table or somewhere else away from the till whilst they remain seated. These terminals are typically used by restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and big stores. 


These are the Rolls Royce of the chip and pin terminal world. They can go anywhere whenever and wherever to accept payments. They work with 3G technology and have a mobile phone sim contract  to cover the usage of taking transactions over the network. You will still  have to pay a terminal rental and a transaction fee for each transaction used. This terminal is the most helpful for tradesmen or anyone traveling to a customer to take payments whilst they are there. NO MORE BOUNCED CHEQUES! Receive your payment immediately with no hassle.

Virtual terminals/ecommerce

These terminals are most useful for customers taking orders for delivery’ or online website transactions. The virtual terminal is a online platform where you are able to take transactions over the telephone or on your website. These are used widely on all websites and typical food outlets that offer take away and/or delivered food.